How to Make a Sweet Potato Ocarina out of clay, instructions on how to make a ceramic 10 finger hole ocarina... Ocarinas - clay whistle flutes, sweet potato. Ceramic musical instruments.

Ocarinas by K. Dunster

Make a Clay Ocarina


This tutorial is divided into several sections. They are listed in order, starting with the instructions on making two types of molds - a plaster mold (in which the clay is pressed into the mold), and a fired ceramic mold (where the clay is wrapped around the mold).

In the third section are the instructions on how to make an ocarina. It shows three alternative ways to form the ocarina body - 1) with a plaster mold, 2) a clay mold, and 3) with a cut-out paper pattern.

The "Footnotes" section has related topics, such as fingering charts, making clay slip, and using a chromatic tuner, and other ocarina-related subjects.

The fifth section gives instructions for the glazing of a "sweet potato" ocarina and the sixth section demonstrates glazing a sculptural dragon ocarina.

Make a Simple Plaster Ocarina Mold

Tools (1 page)
Making the Clay Model (2 pages)
Mold Box Floor (2 pages)
Mold Box Walls (2 pages)
Mixing, Pouring, and Finishing (1 page)

Make a Simple Ocarina Mold with Clay

Introduction and Tools (1 page)
Shaping the Mold (1 page)
Hollowing out the Mold (1 page)
Assembling the Mold (1 page)
Finishing (1 page)

Make a Sweet Potato Ocarina

Introduction and Tools (1 page)
Forming the Body -
1) using a Plaster Slump Mold (2 pages) OR

2) using a Clay Drape Mold (3 pages) OR
3) without a Mold -paper pattern (3 pages)

Making the Mouthpiece (3 pages)
Position Mouthpiece-Cut Voicing (5 pages)
Finger Holes (3 pages)
Align Mouthpiece (2 pages)
Adjust Voicing Size (1 page)
Attach Mouthpiece (2 pages)
Tuning (1 page)
Assembling the Body (2 pages)
Tidying up the Ocarina-Finishing (5 pages)


How to Make Clay Slip (1 page)
"Slot Stick" (1 page)
The "Voicing" (1 page)
Making a Flat Bottom (1 page)
Finger Holes and Interior Ocarina Volume (1 page)
Very Basic Tuner Tips (1 page)
Tuning a 10 Hole Ocarina (1 page)
Musical Keys Table (1 page)
Ocarina Fingering Charts (1 page)
Ocarina Chamber Shapes (1 page)
Attaching a Separate Mouthpiece (1 page)

Glaze a Ceramic Ocarina

Introduction and Tools (1 page)
Applying the Glaze (1 page)
Tidying Up (1 page)
Finishing (1 page)

Glaze a Dragon Ocarina

Tools (1 page)
Staining (1 page)
Glazing (2 pages)
Dryfoot and Stilts (1 page)
Finished (1 page)
Dragon Gallery (1 page)

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